Anchorage Brewing Company is proud to present THE CULMINATION FESTIVAL! A celebration of some of the most unique breweries and the beers they have crafted.  All of the breweries have been hand picked with the criteria of not only being some of the best in the world but also having never been in the great state of Alaska before.

This years festival will feature food from our great friends THE MASONRY and  FIRE ISLAND RUSTIC BAKERY!!!!

THIS IS NOT AN EVENT YOU MAY DRIVE YOURSELF TO/FROM!!! Please take a taxi or get dropped off by a friend. Parking space is reserved for vendors and volunteers.

Admission is limited to 300 tickets and includes a special limited-edition tasting glass and food is included.


Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

  • La Roja With Black Currants and Grape Must Sour Fruited Amber Ale ABV: 6.6% IBUs: 25 We oak-aged our Foeder styled La Roja for 8.5 months before transferring back to stainless steel and adding 45 gallons of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon grape must (~500lb) and 100 gallons of Black Currant puree (~840lb). Carrying aromas of dark berries, cocoa, and mature red grape vineyards, La Roja with Black Currants and Grape Must is a beautiful and complex fusion with notes of an earthy, tart red wine, deep black currant undertones, and some classic Roja characteristics of caramel, cocoa, and hazelnut.
  • All Eyez Bánh Mì Vietnamese Inspired Sour Saison Collaboration with Monkish Brewing Company ABV: 5.6% IBUs: 30 This Sour Saison was brewed to pay homage to Henry’s Vietnamese heritage and one of our favorite sandwiches, the bánh mì. Including additions of Baguettes, Carrots, Daikon, Jalapeños, Cilantro, Sea Salt, Peppercorn, and Black Lava Salt. Notes of jalapeno, spicy black pepper, sweet carrots, and moderate tartness.
  • Yikes! Sour Saison Inspired by our friends at Off Color Brewing ABV: 5.8% IBUs: 10 This Sour Saison was inspired by our good friends at Off Color Brewing. John has a way with light, funky fresh beers, that we find magical. To emulate this, we took a grist bill of Pilsner and Pale malt, added German Hallertaur hops, and then let it mature in oak for 9 months. This Saison is extremely quaffable with subtle notes of lemon, citrus, and funk, followed by a refreshing tartness.

Tired Hands Brewing Company

  • Sticky drippy crystals Bright and pungent Wildflower Honey Saison. Brewed in early March of 2018 with malted and raw wheat and an enormous amount of New Jersey Wildflower honey from our forever comrades at Fruitwood Orchards. Primary fermented in stainless with our Magickal Saison yeast before being transferred for conditioning in a large French oak foudre atop our house mixed culture. Bottled in early May of 2018 and conditioned in the bottle before release. Absolutely singing with notes of ripe pineapple, white pepper, beeswax, jackfruit, and dry Riesling. 750mL
  • Ourison Saison brewed with wheat, oats, and rye. Hopped with Cascade. Fermented in one of our oak foudres with our Magickal Saison yeast blend. Each batch is bottle conditioned and subsequently released when we feel it is at its peak. 750mL
  • Frequency Illusion; Red Thicket Frequency Illusion; Red Thicket was brewed in July of 2018 as a simple Saison with a sturdy backbone of both spelt and under-modified two row barley. It was fermented primarily in one of our large French oak foudres with our Magickal Saison yeast blend. After roughly six months, we transferred this austere number to a tank containing heavy amount of fresh pressed New York State raspberries for an additional fermentation which lasted roughly three months. Bottled in September of 2018 and conditioned until its release. Striking and intense with an almost blown-out, jammy-enough, fresh raspberry presence. Notes of Mommom’s raspberry pie, lemon sorbetto, cucumber, cranberry cordials, and candied hibiscus. Incredibly bright & jammy with a pleasing natural acidity. 750ml bottle.
  • Trendler Pilsner Brewed with all German Pilsner malt and hopped emphatically with Spalter Select from our 2018 German selections. Fermented with our house lager yeast and cold conditioned for five weeks. We brew this beer for Jean’s grandfather, Joseph Trendler, but make enough of it to share with everyone!
  • Helles Other People Helles Other People: Helles Lager 4.8% Brewed with 100% German Pilsner malt and hopped lightly with Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Fermented with our house lager yeast and cold conditioned for five weeks before its release. Refined and eminently crushable.
  • 2018 Gatherer Foraged Honey Imperial Stout brewed with our great friends from 18th Street Brewery. We essentially brewed Drew's phenomenal Imperial Hunter recipe, spiced it with ingredients foraged from Jean's farm (Appalachian allspice, mugwort + wine berry leaves) and then added over 100lbs of Pennsylvania wildflower honey. The resulting beer is dense and devastating while remaining peaceful and floral.
  • Trapper Pi3 Blueberry Lemon Crumb Cake Imperial Stout 9.2% Back at it again with our ol' buddy ol' pal Ryan from Casita Cerveceria! We brewed this special treat with a ton of oats, and pretty much all the specialty malts we could gather. Then we conditioned it on a generous helping of blueberry puree and lemons, as well as pinch of cinnamon and whole Madagascar vanilla beans. Just like momma used to make! -Notes of cinnamon toast, wholesome oats, cooked berries, and milk chocolate.
  • Extra Vanilla Milkshake IPA 7.2% One of our favorite killer riffs on our over-the-top Culinary IPA series. Brewed with a heavy amount of oats and lactose sugar. Hopped AND dry hopped intensely with Mosaic & Citra and then conditioned atop almost twice our usual amount of luscious Madagascar vanilla beans. Dreamt up with our forever loving friends @omnipollo and carried forth into tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. -Notes of vanilla ice cream, sugar cookie, bright stone fruit, citrus leaf, and guava pastry.
  • Ghosted Nelson-Citra-Columbus Double IPA: 8.1% We brewed this one with our dear (but elusive) pal Tim from Sante Adairius Rustic Ales. Built pretty simple with a touch of raw wheat and malted rye in the grist. Fermented with our house ale strain, and dry hopped handily with Nelson Sauvin, Citra, and Columbus, cuz Tim loves his Columbus! -Notes of ruby red grapefruit, fir needles, gooseberry, and green mango.

Trillium Brewing Company

  • FATED FARMER SERIES: BARREL FERMENTED WILD ALE WITH NECTARINES Our Fated Farmer Series is a landmark step toward realizing our foundational vision for Trillium: Build a place that intuitively celebrates the intersection of New England farming, agriculture, brewing and an integrated community experience. The grist of each of the dynamic Fated Farmer wild ales is set on the structure of Valley Malt and is barrel fermented in 500L puncheons with our Native New England Wild Culture and aged for 5-7 months, before refermenting on freshly harvested fruit. 6.6% ABV
  • DOUBLE DRY HOPPED CONGRESS STREET IPA This amplified version of our flagship American IPA, Congress Street, is a focused exhibition of the Australian Galaxy Hop. Yellow-orange straw in appearance with a thick milky haze, Double Dry Hopped Congress Street emits fragrant aromatics of ripe mango, resinous spruce tips, candied peach, and underripe pineapple. Bold, rich flavors of guava, juicy nectarine, and white grapefruit rush over the palate while notes of cedar and dragonfruit provide a balanced, yet slick finish with a moderate bite. Features a full, pillowy mouthfeel with soft, effervescent carbonation.
    ABV: 7.2%
  • MOSAIC DRY HOPPED FORT POINT PALE ALE This variant on Fort Point features Mosaic in the dry hop. Pouring a cloudy, canary gold, Mosaic Fort Port emits a distinctively dank nose of pulpy, fresh squeezed orange, pungent passionfruit, ripe mango and papaya. These notes are further developed on the palate alongside a juicy profile of mandarin flesh and pomelo pith with a touch of spring pine sap for a light bite. Mosaic Fort Point delivers that familiar biscuity, medium body our signature pale ale.
    ABV: 6.6 %
  • PERMUTATION 109: IMPERIAL STOUT WITH TOASTED ALMOND, TOASTED COCONUT, VANILLA, COFFEE AND LACTOSE Permutation 109 draws inspiration from two of our favorite inductions in the series so far: Numbers 52 and 57. Like those batches, for this special beer we took an imperial stout aged just over two years in bourbon oak barrels and blended it with a fresh stout brewed in stainless fermenters. Next, we added coconut, almond, vanilla bean, and our Trillium blend cold brew to amplify the palate with bold depth and decadent flavor. Out the bottle, Permutation 109 pours a jet black color with a mocha brown head, presenting excitable and mouth watering aromas of toasted coconut, milk chocolate, and chewy almond shortbread with hints of bourbon. Each sip offers a chance to explore a layered palate rich with flavors of brownie batter, Almond Joys, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, coconut granola and oaky vanilla. A rush of smooth, roasty cold brew highlights the finish balancing the sweeter elements of the palate with a gentle bitterness. Full bodied with a velvety and viscous mouthfeel, Permutation 109 is the perfect night cap for the last chilly nights of winter.
    ABV: 12.4%

Three Magnets Brewing

  • By the Horns - Rustic Saison 5.6%abv Our collaboration with our friends at Logsdon Farmhouse Ales. We partnered with Linc Malting of Spokane, WA to use some amazing micro-malt house malts. Eastern WA grown pilsner, triticale, and Caramel Dextrin malts team up with a touch of European oat malt. Kettle hopped with Styrian Dragon hops then dry hopped with PNW Loral and fermented with one of our favorite Belgian farmhouse yeast strains. Ridicuoulsy aromatic and dry finishing, you'll find layered wafts of lavender, jasmine, and freshly cut hay.
  • Blueberry Dance - Barrel-aged Fruited Sour 5%abv To celebrate our 4th year of fermentation we made a special blend of a two-year batch and a one-year batch of barrel aged blueberry farmhouse ale. This mixed culture fermentation was aged on 2 pounds of fresh whole blueberries per gallon sourced locally from Black River Blues farm as well as cranberries from Singing Frog Cranberry farm. Huge blueberry nose with a delightful back note pucker.
  • Autumnal Solera - Blended Rye Farmhouse Ale 8.1%abv A blend of 3 vintages, taking 2015 and 2016 aged in red wine barrels for increased acidity development as our blend of 2 Saccharomyces and 1 Brettanomyces strains continued to evolve, and blending a fresh batch of 2017 fermented in stainless, and then bottle conditioned, our Autumnal Solera has rich tones of chocolate with a pleasing acidity with just the right level of funk. Pairs well with soft cheeses or fatty fish such as Spanish mackerel or as a compliment to your favorite fall season desserts.



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